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Portmanteaux has been pumping out original Australian funk, soul and eclectic electric pieces around Melbourne’s independent music scene since 2005. The repertoire has expanded to include a number of covers although original tunes still comprise most of their sets.  


Band Line Up

Mick Frawley (drums)

Henry Jackson (guitars)

Steve Malkin (keyboards)

Margaret Magalotti (bass, lead and harmony vocals)

Past Players

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Our music has extended to include rhythm & blues, Jazz, Latin, world and melodic rock music. This four-piece combo plays 75% original numbers, with 25% covers to help get the party started.

The instrumental pieces feature Hammond organ-driven tunes inspired by The Meters, Booker T, Steely Dan, and others. The band has increased the number of vocal tunes. Vocals have been strengthened with the addition of the powerful yet melodic singing of Margaret Magalotti, an impressive bass player and songwriter in her own right.

Portmanteaux has three CDs to date: ‘General Eclectic’, ‘Five Ways Home’, and the latest offering ‘Between the Lines’. All three CDs received excellent reviews from Al Hensley, Rhythms Magazine.


‘General Eclectic’ (2005) – An all-instrumental six-track EP

‘Between the Lines’ (2015) – 11 track CD with two vocal tracks.

‘Five Ways Home’ (2008) – 13-track all-instrumental


‘Momentary Feeling”