We love playing music, live and recording – and we hope that you will too.

Our funky, rock, jazz, latin and melodic rock style is great for listening or dancing.

Latest Digital Single: Opportunity Blues released July 2022 and can be streamed and downloaded for free on  This is something a bit different for Portmanteaux and is a jazzy Parisian/Western Swing type tune that features the wonderful Jenee Fleenor on fiddle – USA country fiddle ace.

released July 4, 2022


Portmanteaux are: Mick Frawley – drums; Henry Jackson – guitars; Peter Kershaw – bass; Steve Malkin – keyboards; with Jenee Fleenor – fiddle

Tune written by Alan M Leslie and Henry Jackson.

Recorded by Henry Jackson at Hungry Bear Studios and recorded, engineered and mixed by Ross Caygill at Salt Studios and produced by Ross Caygill and Henry Jackson at Salt Studios. Jenee Fleenor’s fiddle track courtesy Bill Watson, Nashville Trax, Nashville, USA. Mastering by Ross Caygill at Salt Studios, Melbourne, Australia. Background Cover Artwork: John Hain


Latest CD: At last after lockdowns and the pandemic, Portmanteaux have finally completed their new 5-track EP CD entitled ‘Nothing Too Deep’. Tracks are: Pickpocket, Sam Booker, Nothing Too Deep, Drummer’s Rap and Florentine Moon. 

Go to and have a listen here to samples from our latest album “Nothing Too Deep”. You can also purchase mp3s of individual tracks.

The tune can be purchased through streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon and Apple Spotify:… Amazon:… Apple:… and digital downloads also from Amazon…

Besides the new digital single ‘Opportunity Blues’ Portmanteaux have completed 4 CDs to date: the first a six-track EP ‘General Eclectic’ (2005) received a positive review from Al Hensley in Rhythms Magazine.  In 2009 we released a 13-track all-instrumental CD entitled ‘Five Ways Home’ that also received a positive review from Al Hensley in Rhythms Magazine. In early April 2015 we released a third CD entitled ‘Between the Lines’ that includes 11 tracks. It contains two vocal tracks. This also received a strong review from Al Hensley in the September/October 2015 issue of Rhythms Magazine. In August 2021 we released the 5-track EP ‘Nothing Too Deep’.

For more information on our music, use the following links:

Nothing Too Deep

General Eclectic

Five Ways Home

Between the Lines



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