Nothing Too Deep

Finally, Portmanteaux has released its EP CD ‘Nothing Too Deep’. This has been delayed by the pandemic and lockdowns. The CD consists of five tracks. One is written and rapped by our drummer Mick Frawley – ‘Drummer’s Rap’ – and is concerned with the plight of the forgotten member of the band – the DRUMMER! ‘Pickpocket’ is a pacey funky tune with the theme led by sax and guitar and featuring great solos from Steve on keyboards and our impressive guest sax player, Jeff Vague. Mick and Margaret on bass provide the tune with tremendous momentum.

The CD contains two Latin-sounding tunes. The quietish ‘Florentine Moon’ features Henry’s nylon string acoustic guitar and the djembe drum and maracas of guest Allan McRae. ‘Sam Booker’ is a harder rockier tune. The latter features Steve’s Hammond organ and he also provides an exotic theremin-sounding solo in the tail of the tune. The tune is propelled by the exciting drumming and percussion of Mick and our guest percussionist the excellent Salvador Persico.

‘Nothing Too Deep’ is a reggae-styled song featuring the fantastic voice of our guest vocalist Zac Teichmann. Mick, Margaret, and Salvador provide propulsion and flourishes, whilst Steve provides an interesting synthesiser solo in the middle of the tune.

Where can I get a copy?



Tune List

  1. Pickpocket
  2. Sam Booker
  3. Nothing Too Deep
  4. Drummer’s Rap
  5. Florentine Moon

Recommended if You Like:

Medeski Martin & Wood, Steely Dan, The Meters, Booker T & MGs

Where can I get a copy?

The EP can be purchased through streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon and Apple and digital downloads from iTunes and Amazon.



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