Mick – Drums.

Mick started playing drums at aged 10… then decided at age 12 that official lessons might be the way to go.

He has played in many bands – including Jamie Conway’s Scarlet and Changing Names – and all the main venues around Melbourne including the Chevron, Prospect Hill Hotel, Billboard, Village Green and Sandown Park.

Drums became less of a priority in the mid 80’s due to the fact that Mick and his wife had started a family…. but now in the 2010’s and 2020’s Mick has been really enjoying getting back into playing again.

He resisted the temptation of buying a Ferrari during his mid life crisis: he bought a TAMA Starclassic Maple drum set instead.

Mick now realizes that he is enjoying playing his drums much more now than when he was younger – much less stress and there is no reason now to impress anyone…. which is ironic given his drumming is very impressive indeed. Concurrently, Mick is also playing in an exciting groove/disco band called The Groove Collective https://thegc.live/

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