New 5-track CD ‘Nothing Too Deep’ Released by Portmanteaux

At last after lockdowns and the pandemic, Portmanteaux have finally completed their new 5-track EP CD entitled ‘Nothing Too Deep’.

Tracks are: Pickpocket, Sam Booker, Nothing Too Deep, Drummer’s Rap and Florentine Moon.

Here is a video of the humorous tune ‘Drummer’s Rap’ , which was written and voiced by the drummer Mick Frawley about the plight of the forgotten band member – the one up the back!

The tune can be purchased through streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon and Apple and digital downloads from itunes and Amazon.


A new single from Portmanteaux’s very own Henry Jackson. (The) Sickness Blues is a video of a humorous song by Otis Slim Sundown about a person with excessive worries about sickness. The end of the tune reflects on his “smarts”. This is the first song by Otis Slim Sundown Chris Canning is featured on harmonica.